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The true alternative to cosmetic dentistry : 

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic solution to correcting aesthetic flaws. They are made out of two materials - porcelain or resin. Ceramic shells are attached to the front of the tooth surface for a permanent aesthetic solution. Our Snap-on Smile veneers clip over your existing teeth without any surgical procedures, which is why they are fast becoming a preferred option.

What are Snap-on Smile veneers?

Innovative, non-surgical clip on smile that are a less invasive alternative to veneers & simply clip securely into place over your existing teeth.
  • No dentist doctor visits
  • No damage to your existing teeth whatsoever 
  • Substantially cheaper
  • hand-finished for naturally beautiful aesthetics

Can veneers replace a missing tooth?

If you’re looking to cover any missing teeth or natural gaps, it will not be the solution, as they require an existing tooth to be applied to. However our veneers are able to cover up to a maximum of 8 missing teeth per top or bottom arch instantly, with natural aesthetics shaped to fit you comfortably

Snap-on Smile veneers vs porcelain veneers

If you look at porcelain before and after pictures vs Our Snap-on Smile before and after pictures, you’ll notice very little difference. Both hide imperfections such as chips, cracks and discoloration as well as improving the look of the overall dental profile. However there are some key differences:
  • Snap-on Smile clip-on veneers are cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers that requires no surgical procedures or anesthetic, no shaving of any enamel, and thus commit no damage to your own teeth.
  • No dentist visits or having to squeeze in appointments, you simply order your pair & receive them at home & apply our instructions upon first use & thats it. Instantaneously works & is beyond easy.
  • Snap-on Smile veneers offer removability & are temporary veneers that are affordable and durable.
  • Snap-on Smile offers an additional solution that veneers can’t offer, by covering multiple missing teeth. 
  • You can eat foods & drink as you like without having to remove your Snap-on Smile
  • Snap-on Smile veneers don’t damage your existing teeth, unlike traditional veneers where your teeth and enamel are filed down.